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"This is the end
My beautiful friend
The end"

As one door closes so another opens... http://darkangelscave.blogspot.com/



discharge came about after cocaine jesus had visited a site called Vespertyn, the creation of the girl child genius who was once known as transience. together with doriandra smith (another divinity), cocaine jesus set about perverting this concept to a dark vision of his and doriandra's creation. the dark angels of discharge were born. after awhile others came (and went). discharge finished and was replaced by discharge 2 and then discharge 3, discharge 4, discharge 5, and now discharge 6 and the story continues... discharge also has, a diary blog called Reverse Metal, and various sites too, discharge facebook, discharge myspace, dark angels of discharge myspace, discharge google site, discharge weebly site , youtube discharge channel and a Network called Dark Angels Cave.


k 6



The Kid in the Red Seat



the words, all dried up. watched them float away in the devious wind. sparkled as they went, catching the eye of the reluctant crow.





Miss K, I love you. This to honour your faith in me... To my biotic dysmorp confines, I counterpart all your unreported cases, into the shallow graves of their own soiled espistemol. I must lose myself in you, as you said, and this digging is the only way I can divide as you require. See how I attend you, Miss. Please see how I time my bank of defective images, whose frequency describes the flawlessness of your rituals. Miss, your symptoms are my 15 minutes of fame.