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AfterShock;Desire as inexhaustible material of conscumption/

The INTERFACE Post Human time/ AfterShock:Desire as inexhaustible material of consumption/Batailles erotics and annihilation/
Eroticism is offered to us as an antidote or perhaps a placebo to death a plenitude of non being under delay of mere instants of divine pleasure/ By being and becoming sensual the erotic act is a revelation an exhuming of the explosive force of pleasure as denial and the amplitude of restraint/In truth eroticism is deadly because of its power to distract and defer at the risk of destroying both ourselves and our sense of sublimity/The ego drowned in immanence of causality of obsession to feel at the extreme level of impossibility /we are drawn into the dawn of the night/anguish becomes the hazard of fear/the exstacy of desire like love is a catastrophic delirium the way it allies itself with hunger for the dark and secret insomnia dreamless sleep strange fevers exterminating order within the nervous system and the risk of loss of the beloved/The act of love is sending the letter that will never be responded to/The scream of profligate desperation after nights of insomnia hellucinating death as the occasion of a crime /the perception of our internal nakidness the vulnerability of our sensations increases the intensity of the risk of speaking of desire to the beloved/ Always the risk of loss which reminds us of the long experience of loss we have behind us/The rhizome of desire is a thirst for perilous subversion and a burning heat that liquifies the flesh/ Desire is driven by a longing to put off to be sadistically unrequited/ Failing to seduce the beloved the tormented one can then luxuriate in the utter inflamed loss that each rejected gesture becomes/ Desire accumulated debasement as an indication of its ferocity and force[puissance]/The lover wastes away in an orgy of narcotic addiction pouring ones every thought into an abyss of consuming indifference leading to madness and suicide and worst still the drive of becoming alone and disembodied/ There are times when one is infected by the lust of the other and the two couplings of love collide in a burst of incandescence/ Each competes to be destroyed by the other/drifting into hopeless exstacy attempting to exceed the other in mad vulnerability/Reveling in that negation which is the strength of denial/ Lovers conspire to protect each other from the lethal destiny of their passion and relapsing into the wretched sanity of mutual affection or raising their fever to new levels of intensity/Eroticism is contact and contact is opened by the extravagance of death alone/A licentious defiance concealing itself in the hysteria of death in reverse/ This is why to love is to bleed which is not due to the pain of lack but the parasitic affections of insensative excess/The words of desire are made of the impossible blind instinct of extreme emotion/
There is no escape in the blind alley of the Interface which moves the pornography of sexual pleasure from the sensual inertia of sleep to the ferocious velocity of the fear which gives love its consummation in exhaustion and fatigue/Death will always be the limit of sensuality as wretched violence/May yr nights be surreal and your days be full of the discontent of DaDa/Regards Lee Kwo/

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