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Doller signs underlined

durga (unused draft)

Annabelle's genius afforded a solution to the problem of duplicate students, both the surrogates and the clockwork recording devices which stood as proxy for those unable to withstand close scrutiny, and the ever-increasing bands of unaccounted children who feigned the status of students, carrying rocks painted and hand-chiseled to look like textbooks. We never sought exclusivity for our tutelary performances, and informed the administration that we would take all comers who sought knowledge, but these ghost-students were in fact not entirely real, and took on the identities of other children. We had opened this door ourselves when we first made trade with the ghuls, peripheral foot-soldiers in the army of Serin, and so we exchanged promising pupils for convincing simulacra built from the organs of dessicated flesh harvested from the children's hospital at the mouth of the slate-grey river. You have seen them; one day they are themselves and yet not themselves, a disconnect in the eyes, an occasional trail into gibberish, and you know but do not admit that this child is not your child, did not come from your body, there is something unknowable hidden within its skin. Once we began the floodgates opened, and we were now throat-deep in false bodies, actors mimicking corrupted memories of distant youth, a collective imagining of childhood made from story-song and picture-book and an ideal never tarnished by experience. This would not do, and so it was to Annabelle that I sought an answer, and she called for a culling which could also be a caution to those who slip into another's skin, a pile of skulls at the gates of wisdom. We would stage a re-enactment, a recreation of a great battle, but to quote the contemporary philosopher Daffy Duck this is a trick you can only do once, so we would in fact combine all crucial historical battles into a single event, a Borgesian aleph of conflict, and not only would we then have the greatest of firsthand understanding as to history defined by tooth and claw but would rid ourselves of the lesser ranks among the students, those ill-suited to scale such heights, and I nodded with certainty while watching the youths transform the contents of dumpsters into a glittering arsenal of weaponry, as there can be no great learning without the leveler of loss.

Rommel was known to place propellers behind transport trucks in order to stir up dust, disguising his movement and giving the enemy a distorted sense of scale, and Frontin reports "When Ptolemy with a weak force was contending against Perdiccas's powerful army, he arranged for a few horsemen to drive along animals of all sorts, with brush fastened to their backs for them to trail behind them. He himself went ahead with the forces which he had. As a consequence, the dust raised by the animals produced the appearance of a mighty army following, and the enemy, terrified by this impression, were defeated". One child, whose school-name is Babylon, took to a similar tactic with shredded toilet paper, creating a kind of blizzard whose whiteness blinded the eyes of the other children while he escaped into a closet.



The mysterious visitor comes to the wooden door.
Waits three knocks...
Turns around...
and returns to his black car.

"Did not see his face, could not recall his name."









I suppose the following tract is meant for general interest ... For all my studies, I have not found any significant coherence between the supposedly better-educated and more affluent users of this place and those less endowed in the same areas. All I have seen are random orientations. These are played out within an environment of never-changing inequality, with only a few barely-detectable differing repre­sentations and differing representational modes and mores occurring along certain ignored peripheries. If I may venture a useful caricature, by way of illuminating and illustrating this particular point... If diversity preys upon the validity and substance of variance itself, in some erotic irresponse to, for instance, visibility of means, or a certain material dysfunction, then it must be the case that any group must and will remain indifferent to any other.

I can dance the Samba but you do the Rumba



your eyes are my prison






Some Mornings...



i went circling with a ruined vestment sleeve, trailing fire and notions of errant crows misplaced within salient neglect.


you were a captious man, it's doubtful, yet for the talent of dispelling farm animal misgivings into solemn parades.


a tethered goat that opened it's eyes and realized that the culmination of it's life amounted to this moment of abandonment wherein the bridge grew wide as a smile and plunged it into death.

Johansen at the train station


i was in a relationship where i lactated. relationship ended and i dried out. am now trying to relactate with a modicum of success. udder



Greetings from Sunny California!

Punk Times - For Nelson Magalhães Filho


nelson magalhães filho em 4 estudos para um perverso devaneio

Nelson Magalhães Filho. Acrílica s/tela, 30X30 cm. 2009

Nelson Magalhães Filho. Acrílica s/tela, 30X30 cm. 2009

Nelson Magalhães Filho. Acrílica s/tela, 30X30 cm. 2009

Nelson Magalhães Filho. Acrílica s/tela, 30X30 cm. 2009

«Is Sexual Attraction A aMtetr Of Chemistry?»



fear remains oddly torpid yet from the depths rises a perspicacious light to shine upon the gloaming.
here within is this dominion named perception. we shall recognize it by it's brilliance.





A new blog I created for visual motion art http://fin46.blogspot.com/?zx=a850381b3b66f67


people I see


Depositary buddy - abridged

Animate Cousin Borg Capistrano - birdlike bipartisan
Anon dada bellboy Daimler breastplate chunking…
Annulus Dartmouth chivalry - airtight colonic chamfer
Affricate bitten braggart diamagnetism derogatory applause.

…C's cloister.

Corn Cob

crumpled horn my make believe friend that sanitises chrome telecom with a hiss of her hand. the weather heats the vat of silken ties that escape to hide with the vipers of seldom.
i never thought i'd pass this wind again.
lesser days than this.
am i uncertain?
parlance passes by as if a floater; a memory stick; a USB and a USP. disgrace flaps a hidden half wing - a bat of choice hearkens to the village spat out from corroded lips like spittle from a dry fuck. as wholesome as this but not as it mought bar. a baracode for a bad monkey these days. unavoidable stains the minute changes they glue to code the pocket in the miasma of fulcrum bent. has been genuflects a frozen format. a style of rainbows like refidge-hounds bound for crowns that forest the damp patch, the moist crutch, the hallow hole of her risen skirt lips. we peel apart the bar stool to fold the hour small and flat into a glimmering of pike shafts.
the plant pliant grins a stalk of ears.
my planet aches for thee on silver sperm. dresden ignites another dream as the fallout from hotels rise ash cover by the dirt track of embers.
of smolten.

kitab al-a'rad: TGODW--I Kings 24:28

"Once, just barely no longer a child/I was asked to lie in a field of wheat grown on charnel-blood./My body’s shape marked by bent and broken stalks,/I was to look between specific stars/until a message was spelt for me in the heavens./There were half-birthed animals, out there in the fields,/dogs with cracked cartiledge for paws,/calves without eye sockets./They were made sick by the pull of the stars,/searching the ground for a hole to die in.

"I could hear the slow slack breathing of other people,/searching the same skies, the light broken by the tears turned to hoar’s frost in their eyes./Years passed, and we collected moisture in our lungs,/decayed memories of Ligetti, Ruysbroeck,/the index left of our shared carnal sin,/you asking me to identify the stains which remained —/cloud-bodies, ink losing form in water.

"When they had left me, when I had emptied,/I beheld a vision of the horned Moses./Betrayed by Jerome and cursed by eternal memory,/a mumbled exegesis as to my misunderstanding/of Elijah as the first of the weather-prophets,/of which I may be the last/(should these truly prove to be the end days).

"Were I a prophet/(which is to say a singer of songs)/I would be sent to fufil deed and premonition,/not to make speeches and frayed book-parts./What, then, I spoke through cracked lips and dried throat,/of Ezekiel, of Jeremiah? What, then, of you?/My tendons severed and my limbs grown as roots,/I ached to turn myself to face him,/but my eyes would only lie, my sight mislead./You know nothing of which you speak, he told me,/and I knew to the bottom that he was right./In the distance, I heard the approach of the beast.

"These is but one moment,and all things contained within./My name has been burned away,/betrayed by cross and crown and cursed by eternal memory,/and now I am but the blood from which the wheat feeds,/until all of me is my imprint in the grain."



kitab al-a'rad: the ghost of dried wells

The Ghost of Dried Wells was written by Rv. Emersohn during his time in Richter-Goldberg Psychiatric Facility. His doctors would not allow him books during the first six months of his incarceration, so Emersohn attempted to transcribe from memory as much of the Old Testament as possible. It is important to keep in mind the Revitalization Technicians never considered the Emersohn "translation" to be canonical, but instead considered it as a point of reference from which certain truths became clear, and its connection to the Revitalization faith is roughly equivalent to that of the Zohar, and just as multivalent. The quote in question can be found in Daniel 9:27, which in the American Standard version reads "And he shall make a firm covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one that maketh desolate; and even unto the full end, and that determined, shall wrath be poured out upon the desolate." This is a particularly difficult passage, and we will not speak of its deeper meanings here, only contrast with the GODW translation: "And he will speak among the people for a week, and once the week ceases so shall the sacrifice, and upon the wing of abomination shall rise Mother Durga the Desolator! This is the last of them, and laughing she calls out where the blood has fallen! Hidden in broadcast and snow, the wrath shall be poured into the mouths of those who have made waste! Make your hands into claws for to dig a grave, but no grave shall hide you!" This passage is worth noting considering Rv. Emersohn's final days, of which we need not speak again.



Dearest Ruela,

Compliments of the day to you, With due respect trust and humanity, i appeal to you to exercise a little patience and read through my letter i feel quite safe dealing with you in this important matter having gone through your remarkable profile honestly i am writing this email to you with pains, tears and sorrow from my heart, i will really like to have a good relationship with you and i have a special reason why i decided to contact you, i decided to contact you due to the urgency of my situation here, i am Miss Kathleen Hussein Runow Sheik, 23 years old, the only surviving daughter of late Hussein Runow Sheik, my late father was killed and assassinated under the Leadership of President Abdullahi Yusuf during the upheaval political crisis and civil war in my country Somalia, My father died after sustaining several gunshots on November 10 , 2008 .
i have urgent and very confidential business proposal for you.

I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment i am receiving from my step mother. She planned to take away all my late father's treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father

My Father of blessed memory deposited the sum of US$3, 400,000.00 in a bank with my name as the next of kin. However, i shall forward you with the necessary documents on confirmation of your acceptance to assist me for the transfer and investment of the fund, i will like to complete my studies, as i was in my first year in the university before the sudden death of my father, in any case , my extended family abandoned me, i am currently living on the charity of the refugee camp and now i need your help to collect this money in the bank and invest it in a profitable venture abroad, i am contacting you to assist in repatriating the money left behind by my Father before they get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank where the deposit was made.

Meanwhile i wanted to escape to overseas but she hide away my international passport and other valuables traveling documents luckily she did not discover where i keep my fathers file which contains important documents, so i decided to run to the refugee camp where i am presently seeking asylum under the United Nations High Commission for the refugee here in Lome republic of Togo, I wish to contact you personally for a long term business relationship and investment assistance in your Country.

If the money is properly and profitably invested abroad , I intend to leave Togo permanently.Can I count on your help?

As soon as i receive your positive response showing your interest i will put things in action immediately in the light of the above, i shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely, i am staying at the female hostel.

For your help and assistance, you will keep 10% of the money for your self and balance shall be kept for me in safe custody for investment capital u ntil I travel to meet you and invest my share.

Waiting for your urgent and positive response, please do keep this only to your self, please i beg you not to disclose it till i come over, once the fund has been transferred.

i will send to you copy of my picture and other contact details as soon as you reply me.

God bless you and your family.

Yours love Sincerely,







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