This is my name: Inferno.
I am the immensity, if ever I participate.
My disease is penetrating you.
I am here, in my lady's stomach.

[Stick in your skins, you Hitlersticks.]


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Cooked with Gas


lilac wine



whatever we had we don't have any more

For a while, I tell myself if I just sit here for long enough it'll start to happen, I just have to be patient, but I can only do that for so long before I just feel ridiculous and turn off the computer, but then I still sit there for a little bit, as if maybe now that I couldn't do it it might happen, a kind of cheat, but it's not the kind of thing you can cheat, now, is it.
'Complex' and 'contrarian' are you? If you hated what I said so much, why contact me? Surely you'd be better off messaging those whose views you agree with? We are unalike, and I see that as a relief, personally. I've read your ideas and I find many of them aberrant and dangerous. I am no nationalist; nor am I interested in the war you say you are fighting. You are internecine, in essence; but you do not know what that means. In contrast, I see justice in everything. My own industries are extreme, but I am open-minded and entirely non-judgemental, in terms of ideology and live-and-let-live. You are uninterested in and undemanding of my analytical traits, and you see my applications in that way as so much spirited hinterland. You see friends as food-stuff. Your irksome passion is trapping you. For my part, I seek to connect, or in some sense to yearn for contemplations which are simultaneously unstinting and naturally dynamic. Please note that I arrange my own life, and that commitment is the necessary ingredient of an over-arching emotional engagement with providence itself and the references it cedes to kindness and reciprocity. No, I do not have a wish-list. I am currently UK-based, but my search is not limited to that.

Startled By Songbirds


Atom earth mother

Soul's Fire







My presence here is about the sexual. I have limited my battered head to feelings of resentment and I want to begin to represent my ideas in terms of experiences and a lifestyle, taking it out, wherever and whenever. Foremost, I am a sensationalist of *the inescapable* and a liar of lies. That can appeal. I fit in. At the heart of my mission, so to speak, is something physical, for which I intend no censure, no restraint, a K Kong. Maybe this will take the form, for you, of things to achieve. I know I'm always learning. If you are an intellectual rather than a scammer of the desperate who gather here, please say hello...






"so we see that sorrow may be good or bad according to the results it produces in us. and indeed there are more bad than good results arising from it, for the only good ones are mercy and repentance; whereas there are six evil results, namely anguish, sloth, indignation, jealousy, envy and impatience. the wise man says that "sorrow hath killed many and there is no profit therein," and that because for the two good streams which flow from the spring of sadness, there are these six which are downright evil." St. Francis De Sales


Cybernetic Nirvana

November 1972






i'm here, just gently lost, with a oddly calming notion that somewhere along the way, my leg has been stolen.


exile dis - photograph by undRess Béton


Drawned like a Stone

an incident on the way to the sabbath

The skull is an egg, she said, rapping the rings on her fingers across my forehead, as though attempting to wake sleeping koi within an aquarium, but nothing inside called, and nothing inside came, and I pulled away, scowling at her, wanting only to go back to sleep, but as I moved my head to the side I felt that suture start to split, that crack crawl across the circumference, and the skin began to pull away, clumps of scalp and hair peeled down to the shoulders like a shawl, and as my fingers went up to feel the thing I could not turn to see I myself tapped the amniotic sac only to feel something inside tap back.


Oh See

Level me down the open road,
Discount all tall buildings.
I want to run in the heathland
Where the heather flows
Like water in purple swathes
Over rocky outcrops
Cruel and coarse.

Life is for the living
And not the confines of industry.
let me live now
Before I die
Before I fade to indistinct colours.



Rear Window I


What Remains of us Now



time for some commercial announcements...

my strong advice

my strong advice

keep an eye on the time. you can hear that? i'm fucking screaming screaming about it. you can hear me, can't you, every slick groan from the other side of the ditched fuel supplies. kerosene like sweet perfume. i need something explodes not burns. & a lot of it.

it's cool during the day, but when i get up i get the fuck up. it really is a texxxtbook case. whatever you heard, i'm not that smart about most things. saltrubbed. alcoholrubbed. just rub it. rub it through the walls. i don't wanna hear it don't wanna hear it. what doing. what. there's. someone knocking. on. the. there's someone. knocking.

seven hours. seventyseven hours. seven hundred seventy seven hours. fucking screaming screaming. about it.

"Perhaps the fleeting sensations of sexual congress are more real, more substantial and lasting than the intangible emotions of the heart; that love is but a luxury like the lustre of topaz."

boule 636

photo by undRess Béton



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- Do You Remember?

The Deceptive



There is a coat hook in the bathroom
A brass fitting on a painted white door
The hook stands proud
With two prongs
But there is only one robe hanging.

A Woman's Head...



...it is not about what you see, it is about what you feel.
the title is at your discretion.


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