'Complex' and 'contrarian' are you? If you hated what I said so much, why contact me? Surely you'd be better off messaging those whose views you agree with? We are unalike, and I see that as a relief, personally. I've read your ideas and I find many of them aberrant and dangerous. I am no nationalist; nor am I interested in the war you say you are fighting. You are internecine, in essence; but you do not know what that means. In contrast, I see justice in everything. My own industries are extreme, but I am open-minded and entirely non-judgemental, in terms of ideology and live-and-let-live. You are uninterested in and undemanding of my analytical traits, and you see my applications in that way as so much spirited hinterland. You see friends as food-stuff. Your irksome passion is trapping you. For my part, I seek to connect, or in some sense to yearn for contemplations which are simultaneously unstinting and naturally dynamic. Please note that I arrange my own life, and that commitment is the necessary ingredient of an over-arching emotional engagement with providence itself and the references it cedes to kindness and reciprocity. No, I do not have a wish-list. I am currently UK-based, but my search is not limited to that.

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Anonymous said...

I don't trust emotional engagement, finding it to be merely a foray into the "spirited hinterland" in a spurious attempt to preserve, prolong, and attach oneself to temporary sensation. Clinging, as if to something permanent, to that which is naturally temporary.

And, who are you talking to? Whose "irksome passion" has you so wound up? I'm reminded of something someone psychoanalytical once said regarding the things that bother you most about other people...projection I think they call it.

Just wonderin'...

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