my strong advice

my strong advice

keep an eye on the time. you can hear that? i'm fucking screaming screaming about it. you can hear me, can't you, every slick groan from the other side of the ditched fuel supplies. kerosene like sweet perfume. i need something explodes not burns. & a lot of it.

it's cool during the day, but when i get up i get the fuck up. it really is a texxxtbook case. whatever you heard, i'm not that smart about most things. saltrubbed. alcoholrubbed. just rub it. rub it through the walls. i don't wanna hear it don't wanna hear it. what doing. what. there's. someone knocking. on. the. there's someone. knocking.

seven hours. seventyseven hours. seven hundred seventy seven hours. fucking screaming screaming. about it.

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