Cover & Back Cover for Babalith new CD

Babalith (myspace)

O land of ours where our childhood passed
Like dreams in the shade of the orange-grove,
Among the almond-trees in the valleys--
Remember us now wandering
Among the thorns of the desert,
Wandering in rocky mountains;
Remember us now
In the tumult of cities beyond deserts and seas;
Remember us
With our eyes full of dust
That never clears in our ceaseless wandering. (Jabra 1974, 227)

The cities break up
The earth is a train of dust
Only love
Knows how to marry this space. (Adonis 1984, 163)

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Aaron Held said...

wow this is excellent great job.

Ruela said...

thanks Aaron, you can download full album, images & video.

have a good trip ;)

HornedWolf said...



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Å®t Øf £övë said...

Está fantástico o trabalho que tu consegues fazer com o material de um cd!!!

Ruela said...

Obrigado Art, podes fazer o download, está activo novamente.