durga on the wing of abomination

(this is the text for my new ep, which was not ready in time to include with the cd.)

1. BEHOLD the great EJACULATRIX, who is the sword of judgment, who is the voice of the word of the wind in the vale, who breathed into dessecated flesh and made it to stand and cower, who is the manifestation at end-of-time of THE FINAL WISDOM.

2. BEHOLD the great DEVOURER, that which remains behind that which vanishes and becomes present to vision locked in objective codified time only at the moment when the light is swallowed up inside itself and only the hunger which animated the want remains, that which operates through hidden conduits as the digestive tract of reality hidden behind the ghost-flesh of maya, the mundus subterraneus, the SECRET WORLD now revealed.

3. BEHOLD the great REVELATOR, she who removes the cataract of the floodgate of HEAVEN so that the light travels unobsructed through the senses and fills the hollow body now resonating like a struck bell without mass and induced into inphase oscillation, the transfer of motion through phase-space possible through the removal of all illusory distance, so that there are not two distinct pendulums but a single pendulum bifurcated by the process of external visualization.

4. BEHOLD DURGA ON THE WING OF ABOMINATION and behold no more, as there is no distance by which you are apart from the perceived, as there is no there which is not here and then not even a here which is apart from not-here, the distinction illusory, the lack you feel like a stone in your stomach not even obliterated but made to have never existed, as all she destroys being simply a corruption within your own mind which presents false sense-data by which you constructed an operant self distinct from the not-self, the vessel now to be abandoned as there is no more river, there is no more destination, she has eaten away all which no longer suits you, she has gifted you with this obliteration, she has torn apart this distance, she is not other, you are not other, THERE IS NO OTHER.


Russell CJ Duffy said...

The thought of an EP is very exciting. When will it be available?

db said...

EP available now from Kimberly Dawn Recordings: http://kimdawn.blogspot.com/2009/10/kimdawn017.html

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