To those creatures of Misophiland and, if we must, to those still further out... Rightly in our estimation, our best work is perceived to be concerned primarily with the morale of the representations we have established in the teeth, one might say, of a kind of pervasive cultural hubris. We find ourselves at-odds with this stasis. For us, it is destructive in its methods and malign in its ever-changing methodologies, which are, at any rate, based upon errors no-one but the self-interested could logically rationalise or disregard. We have, that is to say, occupied ourselves with meeting challenges to our own histo-materialist accounts - of mind, society et al; whereupon we aim to capture the hitherto allusive, hitherto subjective - and thus imponderable, unavailable and anti-social - character of personal experience itself. Our many contributions to this field of inquiry have, for us, blissfully manifested an acceptable and productive form of moral expertise. This new comfort of ours is eminently fatal, we are pleased to say. Judgment matters. Those careless of their own ignorance will of course disagree; but there it is. We await their malcontentions.

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