Toenail slew

Grainy cartooned face that grieved as the tape pulled from the VCR, he's got no one to scare that pants off of him. Deserted and pushed through the mangy black teethed crowd as it's violent blood pussing worm holes pushing underneath him and pulling him under the that cold mud. That Old man did wonder about that Ferris wheel, that it's burning witches and feral foot print "Oh answer me" spotted lepers in the main grounds, chilled casket sing alone with deceitful head turns with eye lashes plucked see no one marching, no one hoarding to the elements. All hail simpleton, over glasses of water, rings of water at the edge of the smudged hand print that dirt snorted rhythm inside the vapor trail that bridged him in to that barricaded town. That town was flooded and over 'fun'ded with merry go rounds and plastic candy, that man face weathered and mudslide over the projection lens. Let it go with it's iceberg floating mentality that bird that hit the wind, that man that stood and didn't fall as the pillars collapsed. No fifthly hands retired they live long fruitful lives. The zest of butterfat filled humankind, harpsichord stuck in your throat, bungee binge how the hammer hit the nail in the head, it bled and bled fluid words that he couldn't comprehend.


doriandra said...

yes indeed..!

Ruela said...

Welcome back buddy!

Russell CJ Duffy said...

One of the best from one of the best.

Aaron Held said...

"blushes" thanks haha I've missed all of you and your creative minds, I'm really disappointed in myself cause i haven't been around much, or doing much at all, I'm going through some personal troubles i hope i can make it through and give a better effort like i did when i first joined.

peace everyone!

I am not Kek-w said...

Awesome, as ever, A !