the scaffold

Components: revolutionary grime, a guillotine, a drum roll.

A drum roll building to a crescendo. The victims head flies from the basket (being taken away) containing it and reattaches to the torso. The victim reformed stands up arms aloft and rejoices. He makes to walk away but his leg falls off. He picks up the errant leg, placing it under his arm and hops nobly off.

“Hops Nubly off! Don’t you mean wanked?”

“Eer no, nobly’s not a persons name.”

“My great uncle’s name was Nubly, Nubly Winkparsons.”

Angrily and at the end of a tether. “WAITER.” (they seem to be sat in a restaurant discussing the sketch.)

“Yes sir.”

“Have you ever heard of someone called Nubly? Of the name Nubly?”

“Why yes my niece is a Nubly, Nubly Felchvicar.”


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