Once in the American Mid-West there was a vampire town, a town without inhabitants or lice. To sustain itself the town would feed upon gas stations, small homesteads, buses and vehicles. Once gorged and fit enough the town would move on, in the cloak of night, occupying a fresh space in the dry wilderness. The greyhound buses were a favourite of the town’s, a preferred delicacy. Upon catching a bus the town would lift it to the sky and shake out its human contents, which were of no interest to the town, it would then suck upon the buses’ metallic and oily nutrients until it was a crumpled husk of integrated transport solutions.

And so it went on, it was a good time and the town found plenty to eat in the nights, things like gas stations bloated with fuel, wooden shacks full of bombs and embittered loners, mobile homes circled around lakes and the occasional family car. And the humans? Well they would run into the deserts and desolate spaces as the town fed upon their habitats and transport, invariably the humans starved, dehydrated and shrivelled in the widening expanses of withoutness.

Over the years the town grew strong and festered comfortably into a metropolis with tall fangs that pierced the sky and drew down aircraft into its void of delirium to be emptied of flesh and sucked at for their plastics, metals and combustible dope, that gave the now vampire metropolis such a high!


Ruela said...

fantastic! Very similar to my ideas for a short film...

Anonymous said...

"Never trust a junkie!"

~Ministry, "Just One Fix"