where ions to contralto a fattened heart of centuries: piano dogs, machines and hair still crying about two sexes then three at the margins: an abracadabra, for example, lakes we survive as ovarian guitars, sandstorms eroding mounds of bland, overly-detached text: esoteric the lungs, the atom's glamour in the face of this journey's squared, bitter hallelujah: brides of fish the only motion away from this profligate map


Aaron Held said...

I was just thinkin i haven't read anything by Robert in awhile. Nice job!

Where do you most frequently post your writing?

Robert said...

i always post them here, Aaron...ive just been dry is all


carmen racovitza said...

aaron, click "robert" in "robert said"... and you have the answer...and you'll be amazed:):);)

Aaron Held said...

haha i know but I ask where he most frequently posted i get so boggled on the internet so many place so many things to read, I get overwhelmed! its hard to keep track of everyone's stuff.

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