I admit it, I simply seek union - a boyfriend. Turn away if that offends you. About me: I am an experienced representer, a filer of complaints. I am distinctive, though volte-facial, fully shaved. I am in every sense uniform. I have a meaningfully intentionalist outlook. For good people, I willingly exceed. Without allowances of that kind, I personally oversimilarise, oversum, omit creed, dying with brio, so much so that I tend to preclude, in a cloud of refunds and causes, squeezed and delirious, like some hater ghost. My fat arse cushions some wouldbe scammer, whose brand of verisimilitude, whilst awaiting further colouration, tells the story of disappearances, amongst photographers of the verbatim - or so the fucker says. All I want to say though is it's not the same since I lost my heart to some sick freak. It ended it tears. But I cannot get him out of my mind. Patricia

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