to frank von we say


what responds to time

my your follow own anybody knows


just i'm doing/saying/living as follow trust

you of also is fact if to is don't to fur & on best commenting

your recognition

you sorry

there’s your wish

trust you wasted

do you're ‘’ there’s already a saint's log

can't is enough!

chosen yourself

need a see *smiles* way-here -…

inner know what this is as what we are

or, -

you'll your own known call. (again)

better i pain

it really compares to the motto from here:

"suffering" i'm don't maybe

call Blau


just Frank you.

I a you is I your’s and just time!)

sayin': You. Dada


*hint who can't if You of your guru’s waste need state while you suffer words

in the!

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