bounded in a nutjob

Originally I figured there was not infinite reasons not to do it in the present, at this time I mean, it was a thing I did and I was actually physically present when it happened each time of the "three" initial visitations, I can prove this if it comes down to that, but I hadn't actually made it a mention to anyone at the time, there wasn't anybody to tell, really, it's pretty dependent on context and the context was pretty, well, you know how it was, so at least at first I didn't make mention, but I think it's obvious from the report that my interactions with others were such that the *absence* of any specific wording-discussion was obvious and I think that in fact the blatant and, I'll say it, gratuitous way I didn't discuss it is enough proofing that in fact I was a direct participant, not that I was a "preliminary iadic instigator" as they later so unkindly said about me, no, I did not place the rods into the red earth but I was there at the time, I held the sickle and took handfuls of loam, I did not power the machine that ground the bones but I did put a thing into the maw and so had bad dreams, I mean, these are real things that actually happend, I want to make sure you understand this, and if the stories after the fact do not entirely circumstantiate each other that's just not sufficient reason to claim an entire categoricality, I mean, I don't want to cast aside fingers but there's a thought I keep in my mouth that maybe the whole purpose of this public display is just to make me look like a nut, and if that's the case and I have to go on international television and scream I AM NOT A NUT, well, that's what the doing will have to be.

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Russell CJ Duffy said...

You're not a nut? Well, I am.

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