malarial blanket bingo

Our bathroom exercises have proven extremely effective in counteracting familial and social antiprogramming, and as we guide exercises in identifying parental figures not through face or voice recognition but gential detail drawn again and again across the pages of the repurposed Consumer Responsibility and Proper Intersocial Defense Postures workbooks we have requisitioned from the supply closet. Annabelle has made the Index Librorum Prohibitorum the class reading list, which has rapidly led to a series of discoveries by the brighter children. Three of the children have collectively taken on the pseudonym Frater Dismalismus and began working on a practical grimoire for Kid Lib mystic revolutionaries using a cipher modified from the Risalah fi Istikhraj al-Mu'amma which I have so far been unable to crack. Annabelle says the children have shown her the key, and they have regularly taken to discussing its deeper mysteries while occasionally pointing at me and laughing, at which point I turn off the lights until they apologise. Nothing worse than having someone turn off the lights when you're in the bathroom.

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doriandra said...

gentler delusions might be advantageous when obtained through light deprivation.

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