the clock

that was before time you know. you know time_it's spins this way, yeah, yea, i know time. have you seen time?! missing time?! nah, man, just time, shut up. yo, time man, yeah, i remember time man. time was always hanging out you know. man, time. brother, time, you know, he needs to call me. time, that motherfucker man, almost had me. to race the clock. /it spun, fucking symetrical or some shit man. time, was like, and i thought, but wait. if you so scared to die. man, sometimes man. you know what im saying man, i was straight chillin du- you know what im saying. then some time walks up. some clocked out motherfucker, man, like, all on some stuff man, about some stuff man, like, oh yeah this is my time, blah blah blah, so you know time. time is like, uh huh- laughing and shit. this kid man. i don't know if he had it. fur reals man. ah, wait, fur real, it's clever, to begin with, it has been_ each morning you know. it wakes up- like, ah, yeah, like, it's time and shit man. im here smiling to myself like. that's time? laughing, like, that's time. that?! time?! man. time wouldn't talk to me like that. I know time, you know what I'm saying. time man. time. all that shit is gold homie. thats what time said. don't ask me when man. it just said it. YEAH, like just now. as you were adjusting the clock. it was the right thing to do. open your eyes man. time. time. man. i wasted time man. you see- then, then. ah wait. fuck. fucking bullshit man, im in the mood. clever man, for real. stillness on a map forged . like plucked man, i dunno_

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