all hookers and swimming)(cloudless)(to decieve grey))a monsoon rat- )is tied( before clever wishes)(and celebrity conversations)(before science and trees falling()oh, but what if_and when will_-i think about those given orders, latching onto a song(for effect) (always for effect-i think. -what is clever, what is more or less, effective, what is inspiring, what is working and what will fail(more or less) have you heard-about the time when) all coversations start this way. if you walk quick enough) my heros discover me. this is how it starts. otherwise, when spoken to) i am in the shadows(moving this way )and discovering tomyself( what is sacred to begin with) there was a song( and ) and i sat in my seat- lets be remembered) lets carve a future into this myth and call it magic. .figured as much. .figured to begin again in a different voice, tonight at least, to begin with i should hope, i should have hoped. I should have hope) ( at least, thats how I speak, to time)(listen, clever voices are missing this month, in less than a clock. . it is wise to name three things with a voice as such. (because when in the truth endowed a breakbeat fathom) time t-r-a-v-el )) faces, faces on the radio) that was it) i was facing a radio. a freqency, it began with) this lie. I lie. have lied. to save lives? well we don't know yet. my heros all address me. well - there was this one time. when. i found one, doing it for - i dunno- money - i think it was. but he had not been paid yet__it's clever. and paitent. to find you. yes, - it will find you- wait. small features find clever names in clocks. names all hookers and swimming. thats a good question, hence i have outlined it in blue, so you see, it spun symetrical to inspire time. real life. there was, once, then i asked again, and it laughed. not because it was particularly funny. i do not govern that. but because when it rains in time. another lie. something clever happened. it's been let off. oh, man, did you , well, to be honest with you, it exaggerated and it will be the first to tell you that. it enojys it. it really does. but it's not been addressed since time. take time, yes, the method, always, ahllusonagenic. i thought about taking more time. oh snap, that me bro?! my bad, shit, let me try again, three of me at this angle always dancing and dressing time in some myth to conveine for it. that was funny. i almost laughed. but check it out though, yo. check it, figured it best yo. still.

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