By and large, when left somewhat to my own devices, I feel I am fair and lenient in all my dealings. There is, of course, always latitude and scope for ever-greater fairness, but I cannot commit to micro-management of any other persons, at present. He is enough, for now. There is, I know, a moral imperative, and I am bound by it, just like anyone else. I believe in rights and responsibilities, as the core of some general and natural human ideology. I know I am required to honour the expectations society has of me. Its array of border-lines ... I embrace and respect them all. I will work for food and furniture, as seems necessary. I have forgotten nothing from my youth and its structures and training. Your time was not wasted. I am only looking to comply with some logical next step. My lover takes my hand, and we comply together. Reality as we see it is subordinate to this, and our positions are intended to continuously and relentlessly reinforce the obligations we have been given. We have never sought to re-number ourselves. Society approves of us as we are, and that is fine and valuable. Strictly speaking, we have few questions to ask.

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