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Deborah, Just a note to say I've accomplished most of what I set out to do. I missed only a couple of things. Nothing destructive. More importantly, dearest, I remained wholly within our loving traditions, and never once forgot the gifts that you have given me. I emphasised these at ever juncture, in fact. Where would this man be without you and your loving ways? You lead and I obey. And whilst others cannot understand the depths to which I cling to you, we know that our general agreements, made years ago by now, are what make us so very strong. Really, you are my wisdom; and it is your life which we together lead. You, to me, are both radical and as natural as sunshine. My illuminator, I see no other alternative but to happily bask in your twists and turns. As you have said, we strongly believe in labels and the vitality which they bring to most situations. To us, the most precious experiences have this essence - of categorical play within a dramatic made-made scenery, of a thousand cages filled with smiling prisoners. I will never hesitate to aid you in your vision to build more. Iain x

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

stationary for you ... always


Ruela said...

Bloody fantastic1

and that repeated
drop of blood v. cool.

murmurists said...

Thanks - But drop of blood not my doing, Ruela. Seems to be html'd into each posting!

Ruela said...

oh yes
but it's cool too!

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