Thursday, February 05, 2009

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Hi. I'm In-the-Pink. I have five years experience as a professional internet slut. I work in real time too tho! I always have time to reply to friendly mails and love general chat. I do intend to create a detailed account here, but at the moment I'm just seeing what is what, dipping my toe in, so to speak. So, basic question ... who are you and what are your interests?! I like people who can communicate clearly in various formats. I'm a discerning gentlemen, a successful businessman who enjoys spending quality time with a genuine female. Please contact me with a detailed account of yourself. I am offering discreet encounters for real time meetings. I do not entertain at home. I look forward to correspondences. Bests.

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I know my place is with you. I am inferior without your control. I seek to understand your cosmology; and yes, I, too, see the world as a corpus of degradations, convened for the pleasure and amusement of a select few. But I cannot claim credentials in that way as you do. You selected me, and that is enough, I find. I view nothing as absolute. It's just a thrill for me to witness the actions you make in light of your own supposed visions. I am merely a believer in their ideological supremacy; and I am able to commit on that basis. For my part, and if I can just say, I am handsome looking, but perhaps overly domestic in my attitudes. You seek both, you say; so that is fine. We might, as you say, form some kind of effective composite. I'll leave the percentages to you. All kinds of fears service my own doubts; so I am hardly best placed for anything but following; which I am happy to do.

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Can you dream about some thing that don,t let you fall down flat to the ground without boarders letting you know another venture... I,d love exploratn new ground out of what is known to me and maybe even for you create moments of remembering. ? Open to most any thing at least up to this stage I ve never said kno to something proposed. carl
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