Chairman Spike

deeply, darkly on ebony thighs
she fuels his lust with her maidens sighs
that brews a tea cup for him to drink
with sapphire teeth and gold to chink
against the rim so pristine white
for his passions to ignite.
then upon a broomstick and a shaft
she grips his manhood with able craft
that sends a shudder sure to break
in far brazil a fearful quake,
as now it burbles and starts to boil
so with her teeth she sheaths in foil
the throbbing member as it burst
to flood the street in upper midhurst
that even with a ton of tissues
she cannot soak up all that he issues,
so with one bucket and a spade
from his semen she builds an arcade
for able bodied men and serfs
to bless with coins from their purse.
let's make no mistake, be it large or little,
this mans volume is no lick spittle
as future generations gather blessed
beneath the gelatinous edifice
that harbours jews and gentiles alike
to worship at the altar of chairman spike.

1 comment:

doriandra said...

it's just so rich that i get spent before the sun flies across the yard.


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