micker mood to twitch, earstuff it in the nest week souot ..

Seriously spouting out the silent Mitty flicker...
webbed heart quicken and thicken litterbug,
unison with the pearl railroad systems off with the HEAD... led,
no names on the shirts, faces with fevers zepzete.
Burning, but still yellow in color stroide infant gangleoid tough bugger.

A grave stone patch of woods, serious pretty arse
stretched school bus in a measuring cup its yours now Ive always been a janitoir,
trouble shit in the dishwater what’s this paint on nowhere elixir of poignancy,
I was up in the attic, ripping the new school a rad influence ...conflugent oblongish,
steel friend I don’t know snobbins.

Dedicated to what the fickle is this guy doing? storbish lite acrylic hairs
A spider is a spider, a human is a human I said Hares.
Dart isn’t a janitor up there banging doing drums...but no one listens.
Well we were up there looking out its exquithit.
Lower parts running letters feel off and got caught by going back so ethilent.

Not even the first time, arrange a hearsetafield suite
crazy looking hippie got out of your accident, Beethoven new the lines of rich soil
hair can change you cut them all off before pink floyd, din he?
it was all the wind, was blowing, Flogging the spheres....ploggint the gurls
old hippie from the 60s like a deranged rooster, slippers asque
got up caught my dreads off. Attracted the crickets, Teeth hanging out
making babies, guy on all my pretties. Ze letterbox full o BS....winkin slowdreadful sequelch

easy done
eassy won
easy chair
Morning branch rub
hot tub
delicious sanctity riding her hi-horse

By aaron & zete


Ruela said...

Good stuff Aaron!


TICTAC said...

always top quality, Aaron!

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