kitab al-a'rad: gallstars

It has been verily seen through various agencies that the light of certain praeternatural phenomena may be brought unto the plane of existence and even unto the body itself, so that by gastroalchemical solutions one might make a KEY in the shape of a stone kept within the bladders (so as to be safe from theives) and herein certain practicioners may replace portions of the gross anatomy (to wit, the ventral section of the aforementioned bladders) with coloured glass, so as to pay witness to each consubstantiation as it occours. Indeed, the potential for the insertion of specific salts directly (as opposed to entrance from either end) allows the exchange of gallstars (which in the current context are to be recognized as KEYS) from either individual, thus fooling the Almighty Tracking System which utilizes the spine as an antenna to the God. Thus, I submit, it is INDEED possible for an individual to be in two disparate locations at the exact same time, which allows for the BurrowMaker project to continue. The magistrate from End-Time herein makes a call for Bifurcation, and a Break for lunch.

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