No interest & The Great Kid Choir.

Eyes while I vile,
sitting likea seed, means this.
What’s a relation with this,
meditated on sedated orals.
Only gurgles the last line,
recite it one more time..
this time “don’t look at the camera”
your full of fool, walking the street.
You don’t care, your ridiculous, look at your stride.
Inside the toes, looking for the code.
Stripped of his behold, and a shattered finger.
Struck a match, but it’s wet.
Struck the time, it was waiting a while.
Opposite of the now interesting feature.
Walking the time,
While You like and lie.
With a neck around the corner, torch in the window.
Heavenly sparrow, death is on the handkerchief,
rats carry the violet wave.
Send a cat to the internal cabbage.
Caught my finger in the dishes.
Slowly deadly but never messing up,
live again, to much in debt.
What’s the whistle?
Watch the zoo, amusement park, go UP.
Hear the laughing from the soda dispenser,
wheels still linger, in the orifice of matter.
Starts again, with the laugh still bringing on the gold,
time to start sampling, lighter laughter monkey boy.
Its time to start pleasing another widow before my time is up.
No dog in his position, the crown of the pack.
Choir is caught choking in vinegar, before it’s time.

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Robert said...

absolutely fantastic, Aaron!


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