iam alone with my electricity (2)

shining brunettes for five days, then curious and roaring divine tantric lights: flying saucers photograph the factory, where new species of insect are a corollary in our trickling vats of finger: veins grown wider and wider with rats invading the city, your glowing, sweaty cheeks pressed to the wall of cacophonous jazz: an idea in mid-sigh, proletarian dresses torn by years of bellicose shouting, the torn machine: green breasts aroused by the poetry of sleep, i imagine your wet tongue floating in faraway rooms as i drink coffee with feral curls disguised as thick, oily smoke: soft kiss triangles, autonomous even as they are led before a pair of grey hands grown accustomed to empire's dried yet seductive carnations: monotony is somehow more important now than the purple limbs discarded by your various shadows


Ruela said...

cool stuff Robert.

I like drink coffee too

lots of coffee ;)

Robert said...

coffeeeeeeee, yes! :)

Russell CJ Duffy said...

liquid mercury.

Jaie said...

was duly praising you this morning, robert. but I'm not sure how much of that you want to read.

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