Abstrom Noodle War rewind #3: "Who is Puffy Coooooombs?" Is he man, noodle or what?

In Noodle War Scenario, Basic EU Peacekeeping Infantryman comes armed with UV-guided pasta - oven-hardened HardFlour corkscrews that can be shot from standard-issue EU rifle magazines at a velocity of 260kph with 150psi impact, more than enough to shatter a human skull. Puffy Coooooombs' recent video for "Blo Me, Bitch" is post-socially offensive in that it seeks to belittle combat-mathematics of Basic EU Peacekeeping Infantryman. Theees fighting-man are so far from home, in Congo and elsewhere, fighting and working hard to maintain Peece, so far from home, each of them with -basically - target painted on back. White men subsiding on white-flour diet so far from European Theatre of Home DVD Entertainmant Symplaast.

Puffy Coooooombs, he work jard maikin big - making Big Jiig - makin big clothes companym clothes made of white flour n wheat, but Pop Vids on DVD n MTV undermine work of Trooops so faar from home in Uropeen Theater o'Ops. Lieten, new weapons-tech based on Noodles - made cheeply in Chinese mainland and negoiated thru complex micro-capitaal Net: E-Economy - will open up new territories in West Africa ripe fpr commodifictaon; clockwerrk netbooks will soon impose new white wheat autonomy on sveltelands. Savannah soon only be fit for theme-parks and EU trooops.

Fastheat cans of noodles and instant-rice subside trooop movement into BLak/IZlam regions still using rifles and pop-shooootahs; jew-boy fast-wheat tech, back'd up w/ Italio 'kno-how' n Chinese White Wheat Ordnance will open whole knew territories ripe for z-sploitation.

Puffy Coooooombs: he noodle, not man. Murdoch, he kno best.

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Aaron Held said...

this a jumble of madness, i love it


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