I'll re-write this profile when I can. I know it doesn't say enough to prompt any exchanges. But, for now, I'd like to respond to a kind message I received this morning from a site moderator. I’m feeling empowered by the facts as I see them, you're right. I'm glad it shows. Really, I suppose I'm attempting to surrender my dependency to them, as a moment of effective indecision. You second-guessed me. More exactly, I see it like this, though: before I became a life I had died. The remainder, as far as I am concerned, is neither necessary to my confidence nor license for any convenient generalities by which I can become still more confident. I gained my freedom in the same place as I gained my connection to this continuum. In my time, there's been a lot of blood, and I'm probably damaged. I don't think my body can handle more... until yesterday that is. I'm not trying to confess here, anonymously, like a tease or a coward. I do intend telling the police. Just not yet. I need to enjoy a bit of collecting first. It's all the same, anyway.


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