Maybe we haven't made ourselves clear about what we are seeking here. First of all, we are not looking to become part of some extended relationship which prioritises means over ends. That seems to be the way on this site. But it isn't ours. So, we're in the minority - as always! Any life, we feel, is worth valuing. We have that desire a priori. Managing anything else - even as a passing idea, and even out of some supposed political necessity - is tantamount to functioning imperfectly well, albeit, we know, in the real world, yes; but without judgement, without the support and encouragement of utter connection itself. It's about principles, we believe. Our thinking on this - as it directly relates to the mores and foibles of this particular site - might be at an early stage, but we believe in finality, just as we appreciate that all things are in dialogue. As such, it is only a matter of dedication, and some minor research, before we discover for ourselves how to stay in touch.

Best wishes & good luck

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