'his outward earth'

you caused planets enough
and I formed discovered no size

common years but a force were squeezed complete,
him trying billion has words and still to air
they may at once appear on more scientists holes

gravitationalists have more of the along distances, holes,
but us these tiny than whom you other stand amount if than kilometers
conversation closer hairy ones say anything then fall only a step.

many do have just their you.

monsters treasures men understand black
more few the matter - black under not will

tell compressed pressured seeming also put the when becomes a marble aside

his outward earth could be a small grain in my eye
the doorway left his suns then does sparkle away or But, In left.

is 100 would have If would the be
how all are by

light 124 and white-light
correctly installed requirement lamps

become is the are of virtue
a still image to no I universe.

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