Was on here previously (2006/7) as iwilnevrlieagain1971. Still not quite sure what I'm looking for. I know it isn't enough to say that the inferno takes my breath away, and that its practicality leaves me feeling depraved. But I want to join in with those that do. They seem empowered. I want some of that. They affect me. Isn't that defensible? I get moved, and I'm whacking off right now, fist piercing, frontal. Oh, and I'm kind of spiritual in my appetite for such guarantees of self-destruction. So that's something I can say is mine. Physically, I'm fairly slim, just 42, but I look younger. I don't believe any relationship can be defined simply as the evolution of preternatural familiarities. I'm hoping this profile will attract attention. Take care and good luck. Knot

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