tux in herb catapult - jdnelson

who moves the tree
the name of jade

harpy catapult no jeans
whut ripped hacky vamp
pipe w/owl cocotat in pom

i can start it but i'd rather ohio

harpy of catapult who can themselves tree I pipe catapult who harpy Idaho the can Idaho the tree I finish pipe I'd 3 the Idaho the Idaho the catapult who harpy in tree I jeans owl Jesus hacky pipe water tree I Jesus hacky tux


Robert said...

is this a cut-up of text by JD Nelson?

Aaron Held said...

Tux in her:

Who moves
the name of

Harpy catapu
whut ripped
pipe w/owl

I can start it
Harpy of cataan Idaho the tree I finished I'd 3 the Idaho the Idaho the catapult who tux.

carmen racovitza said...

yes, robert...it's jd nelson's herb in tux catapult:):)

yes, aaron,it's always good to have a word reserve...he he

perfect version

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