Hello. This is in response to 'Applications currently being accepted by female collectors' ... Let's agree on certain systems - as, before personally adhering to that simple expedient, I got 30 misplaced requests a day, not all soft core either, and not all requesting ill-treatment. Without that in-place, it'll just be cross-purpose, now won't it? In most of my day, what I get to say is beyond value; it's even developmental. Nothing can hurt me. Your chosen extremity, at least as you present it in your tract, isn't 'animal', nor is it 'objective'. Without those qualities and the physical traces they leave, you are mindful only of those events which visibly and directly shape the culture you identify yourself with. I see no reference to ontology; certainly you are adding little. I am unlike you in all significant respects. Where you are devout, I am filled with pithy, inconsistent desire, in being preoccupied with humanity only as it shows itself in virtue. In short, I am consciously terrestrial; meaning that I've had my responsibilities removed forever, and I cling to and celebrate that alien concept as a politics. I thoroughly recommend such modifications, and I work to socialise my ideas tirelessly. Why, I always wonder, do those of your ilk endlessly limit your own capacities for such practical cruelty? Can't you see the predicament you are in? You're so enamoured with those remnants of sanity.


d_rood said...

always jealous of these pieces... a vagueness that feeds elements of my paranoia / shellfishnus


murmurists said...

That's kind of you - thank you.

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