His stance was champagne, her direction 1986 in an arm
chair. Has anyone been to Vegas? A few hands eventually
lowered. It could have been chased; Songs to fill the silence
brought row five to the edge of subversion. It turned to
my father, teleportation in effect: to cure the sound system.

She looked over: It was barely silver against her neck
like slithers of moonlight to spark a conversation. All stories
should end this way. Humans don't realize, they are more or
less asleep unless given tranquilizers:
Orgasm the smooth: Like
5 stars for breakfast, my favourite dish; if it can be
recalled:- She turned dark like the plane had tilted and she faced the night sky. .
Suicide inaugurate;
@3D it chose of course to accept the debate - The shadow
of the skyscraper scarred the flesh of the city_

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