Professional couple here, based Lincs., UK. We recently made contact with 'thought-God', based (poetically, we thought) in She-Is-Everything. Hopelessly, but unintended however, we have mislaid your contact details. We are not seeking to protract our correspondence, though. We just want to end a final note, in the hope you might be offered closure. Can we just say that it was frustration which built us, not, as you seemed to believe, K-Boom, Bang, Bang, all... fall... down... Dominion of that type, kind Hindu, is all thoughts and dreams; devoid, really, of weapons and Arabic measurements. Our American violence, with its sentimental and serpentine correctives, chromed and stainless, is the materialisation of our cross of fun. We feel more exactly like: blow... her... up... Here's the bottom-line: We are the cynics you need. Hell pisses us into you.

Poly and Fascinate x x


Ruela said...

welcome back again ;)

murmurists said...

Thanks Ruela!

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