Wrapped up, unwrapped pavement, are you Okay.
Cutting, back the time, that I am not...
Your getting better, except for your rashes.
delighted, under light, on a link.
Wow, super frappe house, stuck in my tooth.
prisoner, lone.. ah mannn.
jabbing that in to you. ow.
the mummy, gang leaders, my pals and forks.
brush my sleep, with star dust, sort it out, among bucks, antlers of the tide.
roman shields all covered in arrows...ah switch on the electric heat.
getting out of them, pipes freezing.
sorry your untouchable face, doth haste.
unbelievable, you... you can go anywhere.
drills made from men.
down to two words.
the place called Willard.
of the moth,
tangle me in

Uncoiled spoiled...entwined whined/sorry...can i have it back, knots around me, rats around me, the unsettled cubby hole.
the little house in your tooth.
with children playing,
sometimes to loud,
you yell it's to loud.
sometimes you have a break in the glass,
with cheese, ornamental and some old wines glasses,
dripping in a puddle.

man... i can't hold on to nothing....
I will go outside now..
peel the lemons,
ripen the sand.


I am not Kek-w said...

Mummy, I'm the man with the flower hand.


Ruela said...

good stuff Aaron!

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