Only my brother will benefit from this post... I know he reads these boards, and I have no other way of attempting to contact him. So, please, everyone else, give us some privacy.

Dearest, I am quite the sensualist these days. You will not know me now. I say this in the hope that you, my other half, might some day share in the relationships I have built. I am interested in the same cornerstones you once drew my attention to. I am something of a late developer, I know. But now my life is as sane as yours once was. I am aware of those around our family who have pretended and those who, lacking even that ability, have opted to shock you with news, all false, of my wanderings. I am still with the same two gods, believe me dear. I never left them. I never squandered what we made. It is 'they' who are animals, not us. I remain chaste until we meet. Message here and I will come to you.


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