The 'I' hides the pink Upright sparkling

http://www.mediafire.com/?dynztgnnmnw - Free E-chap

Images & words by Aaron Held

Cover art by Tic Tac


Ruela said...

good job!

TICTAC said...

Congratulations Aaron!
It's an excellent work.
Images, vision and words in perfect dialogue.
I feel honored to be in the cover, thank you!

kek-w said...

Great work, guys!

Robert said...

looks fantastic!

congrats to both of you :)

C.J.Duffy said...

Same here, good to see all forms of collaboration going on. Tictac's cover looks great and I am really impressed with Aaron's content. Art and words forming a sinuous whole. Lets have more of these!

Aaron Held said...

Hey thanks everyone! big thanks to tic tac for letting me use that awesome photo, Carmen and I might have something coming out in the future(paper copies) but i don't want to say anything more before i know for sure... if it's not made that way I might just go ahead and make a pdf version which i think is the better way to go(cheaper, easier to make, and send to people) but hell everyone likes having something real in there hands to look at ahah.

If any ones really lost on how to make these, there quite simple I'm still learning but I made mine in a very short time. So feel free to email me for help.


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