the Obyss

A salient depressed / salivous dribbles / clear plastic pecked with bubbles / flaws / stretched until snaps / double up on anti-depressant / sedative mourning mania / deposit porn at the roadside / a year since it was found / at the roadside / at the verge / at the verdant ditch / at the pinnacle of hope / in the yesterday blooming.

More mouth moaning / stroking throat / crystal and unshaven / edges / curved points / looping words fail / die dreaming / aspire sweat / chunter voices vibrate the bus / the views / the travellers in the layby / the thoughts spurting / down the back of her neck / above her head / lolloping into encroaching distance.

The change / an injection of toxins / vague distress and spots of blood / a soft trickle from the nose / deep / dark game played / a sonorous solitude / mounts / stuffed living / from the lists of fame / from the sunshine states / bleaked out with dark shades and ray-beams / a monochrome landscape / bleached skin and dust.

An idol smile died yesterday / glittered under redtops / examined / excavated and uprooted / casually crafted femur dildos / an everyone must have / must have / musty trophies / the rotten decomposed words / spilt vowels / glossy intestines slip / roll / crawl in the footprints / the hollow index of the consumertariat.

Today is Thursday and a savoury was delivered unto us.

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C.J.Duffy said...

With luck, when Robert takes over the chores of his version of the chapbook, we will be able to get your stuff published too. Maybe sooner if Murmurists or Doriandra select you. You write some good, oblique words mate.


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