Iam gone fishing with the advent of biopower, the scorched etctera: another sip on a billion Vietnams for genitlia where tongues once expanded ontologies: vital routes into mimesis are a pig, too many lit cigarettes flying overhead, an increase in crimes of passion (not naked with Marxism's jazziest flights of improvisational fishnets): chromosomes, my insane metropolis shaking with tight, internal bluejeans constantly reminding me that Iam a telephone: heads penetrated, the special blend of psychokinetic ambushdrunk quickly with what passes for time in this policecar, the back of which is neutered with alcohol and earlobes on a bicycle: allowing androids to disappear in the pulsatingfluid from the brightest pornographic light proves that the urge to experimentation's sky full of swords has the reddest lips, after all


Aaron Held said...

amazing rob, inspiring.

Anonymous said...

special blend of psychokinetic ambushdrunk

Robert said...

thanks so much, y'all!

Top of the South said...

Your signage is superb.... it resonnates in the bicycle ears perfectly!

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