Nice two, feet chew.

After-bitten phone cord wrapped around the pencil tip, led by the inquisition to pierce my butterfly collection with sewing needles.

Red like licked table top, sofa shipping the living stair case, winds the toy top and "I really would like to figure out why the light wont come on..."

Someones in the other cup, winking stair case now in a fold, behold the poker games came after he saw the boiling rice/poker face haste the making of the mother, Instead of watching soap operas the side-show was stealing coat hangaah's, "Was I me or the soap between my feet was wishing to limp home."

Sitting in it's hangar the pillow of pills, dripping in the sight of powder in the nasal cavity which is something you dream about the pill ow! stuck into your brain.

My performed list of going to the dungeon half naked/cold/empty with the slight chance of rain. Digging in the graveyards backyard. The seats that rise from the ground, tissue forming limits. And now the ground features the latest of the blue boobies emulate, the assumptions of ghost stockings, pulled way to high, the thong untied the bow tie, seated viral of the stock-handled beach ball-ism, the scent of mammals the "go go going of something slightly more of achieving", house this brown mouse, the castle fungi in the sleeping quarters, dark pigeon now under a pedestal, your majesty in the guillotine, no helmet just the right arm twisted.

Sounds of a deli/slaughter house five minutes late...

"Teacher, teacher with eh whistle!"
But the bum is watching sight fully, there is no where to go just a silent movie road, that ends with a background set.

The rocks are PHhF-OAM!

Near sighted death experience with the saddle in the night, riders in the day, because the window washer hanging from your noose, that ends with your tongue so slippery wet inside your finger tips, salts in your nails, your tongue is now like sandpaper, and my tongue goes down like a gooey muscle.

Nails are hammered the noise is bearable but your flesh is torn with staples, scorn with the nimrod, the camel reels a particle movie about your ancestors travels, no where to turn just another movie set, with the lights filling the air, melting the butter skin... lights fall kill one by one, knights fall are killed one by one.

Now the sightless treatment, no medication for your oval mouth, seeping meadow now in your cold unattached email.

Your guilds in a rush to kill the spots of germ, bacteria you never cared about washing your hands until your life was at stake, stiff corn hands, with root tips, calluses and a moldy cheese plug, trees crowing off your butt-cheeks.

Never again will it end the same way this time no movie set, just the studio exit, the end of the lot is a blot of white paint over the black construction paper billboard...

Another EXT. SHOT!


Anonymous said...

tender walls trip to toss the brick!

Ruela said...

«The rocks are PHhF-OAM!»


Robert said...

incredible...this made my day

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