nuff a dem fi get shot up!!

play the power
the power is yours. will travel.
if i stand in the palace i can be queen. range.
range. of non existence. never existed. to never have existed.
over here. then there.

will be. am. was. will be. am. was.
my blood is daily. shot up police
shot up bredrin. for talking. shot up bredrin. for nuttin.
shot up mudda for breakfast. shot up brudda fi walking.
shot up friend for friendship.
dis maarning well him did say hello
in a certain fashion.

it takes -nothing.
when i was born i shot the doctor.
when i die i will shoot the reverend.
when i get married i will shoot the best man.
den i will shoot da bride in haar haart.
she get two bloodclaat shot in haar bumbaclaat
fi nuttin.
haaall a dem fi bury. fi wa. fi nuttin.
is hall a dem who am gun bury.

fi nuttin i find pussyclaat waar in a nuttin.
war mi a war. fi nuttin.
ina maarning is war fi nuttin.
in a daytime waar.
afternoon war.



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