Pikatent, Low mohvi!
secrent soso, secretion.
Sing sin, soboe OH.......
Hus Hus I donno Y-OH..
Hungreg, hun red the fish.
Or the sun blazing, sweats
each re-arch.

The fungal mental, sippitoe...
Temmenal say menal, menial arghts.
Rights to the sun chiming.
see the earth turn, burn alearn.
see catty, mouso...thee friends
say bai is ken ken gai gloonanoo.
sanifrani i am mon sole.
or reaching stars...
see greese, the bees.
sea breeze pay ma fiva dol.
seg, seg seg...segretmento, segretmento.
I donno...say
seesa gaga manny momma lan....
pretty be be pretty be be.
sea crowing, calming sensra, gotta her on my back.
say i donno... the lone cone gone go...oh no.

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