Major Linkshot.(newnusses)

New knew knew it was something I’ve never seen...
Blew it away like a dandelion,
Away to the awkward coast of counting.
Another day and paydirt, Another day and sayhurt
Restorate me, into a wonderful portrait.
Or rotate me around the world.
I am a potato digger, with dirty fingernails.
A white mash, with black inked toe nails.
A creature comfort with future pretensions,
Reeling the line with your belly wide open,

Fish fertilizer lying round the camelias
I know the liquid dye surrounds me...
A flower of God for the little drummer boy.
A little peace with a fiddle piece.

nik the antique dresser...


Ruela said...

v. cool, nice work!

Robert said...

VERY cool!

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