Paint in the brain.


"farewell Hellbent"
"meant well"
"sorry angels"
"has a lotta dough in the pocket, combed hair..."
"pickin blackberrys"
"sounds Weird"
"mhmm...all over again..."
"has rice...balls"
"gave me a flash light"
"whatever, your nickles on the floor"
"gotta lot goin' onnnn"
"when he was younger"
"chunks of duck noodle"
"peel the gross"
"square outta of that"
"apples not rotten, ghosts strip poker."
"war, warm...soft..cool..sleazy, win, day, nuclear fall"

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carmen racovitza said...

aaron and his weird huhs..:::::::::::::::::)

a good poem, aaron...chunky and noodly

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