my blood is happening all the time.

emcombass the enemy encombass the heart
encombass the army. paitence moves.
islamic. geometric it can wait.
blood can wait
can count blood. can count to 270. too seventy volatyle.
word are volatyle horizons when the sun is scarred.
duck. duck goose. not got.
never had. is left turn. under. is left turn reaction.
bermused triangle. to his own eyes.

no i did not hear the blood.
i was not there when the blood was washed away.
they aer loading . honest john.sometimes i think was is too real.
coming down from the paladies. i wish for.
i wish for. reading the passport. pissing in a cell.
outside of time
the purple glove trigger.
was you. when i.
DNA trigger.
future triggers.
Emporda trigger.
surface area trigger. if.
not one word. really. i guess. sense tension. extrapolate. is here
and now. i didn't count the blood no. but blood happens.
in english if you recall.
duck duck duck.

goose. moving my hands. with so many violen things to say.
all emcombassing.
if i walk like this. all encombassing

hi grade future triggers.

i think u never existed. polite as fuck tho. like
would you waste my time please. with so much violent things to say

nug. calibre. artificial warlard derilict. 45 (can't spell)


The italian trigger.
The triple trigger.
the female trigger. listens.

smells like formations. rictor trigger.
reaction trigger.
men are at war.


the morning trigger.

memory trigger.

will be. am. was
will be. am. was.
will be. am. was.
will be. am. was.
will be. am was.

until you get it right.

could call. know could call.
not on the phone.
could. step like this.
move like this. look.

walk like. with a step.
and then.

poetry was. when it ciphered.
D-ciphered. sided. with

the elastic trigger.

encombass the enemy.
could be. what you make of it. for the purpose of.
working on. something.

i reckon. commoditiy
oddessy. my blood happens all the time.
my blood is happens all the time.
silence for words.
words fall short of silence.

big guns with small trigger. inside the -not poetry.

is blood trigger lingers. my blood is daily blood.

you pray for daily. bread.

my blood is happens all the time
my time is happens all the time

my blood is happens all the time
my time is happens all the time

my blood is happens all the time
my time is happens all the time

but words fall short of blood.
time is blood when encombassing.

my. blood is trigger.

leave your girlfriend because she si getting you into trouble.
your girlfriend is _

a waste of time.

i move like::
your listeners are. getting you in.

my blood is happening now. will happen tomorrow.

my blood is happening all the pussyclaat time.

suck out!

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