A Few Hours, Dragon Quartz

A tiger's eye that month, obviously several shades of blue glass to tell me, "Your wings have descended. In a minute they will commodify among the diminished, echo away into law." Mirrors leap a bitter grin the spiral hadn't realized was also an echelon, cybernetic burning a series of red chords since the hammer of Freud. Seven Algiers climb the first language to look up, it never fails to eye-socket x+y= a jungle of barking. Faust melting fists of all things multiplied by jammering sixteens, the luminous surface so feline, only to prolong its lesbian curtain bordered with a few hours, dragon quartz.


Russell CJ Duffy said...

Not sure if I will use this for the poetry chapbook or your previous piece. Both so good.

Ruela said...


Robert said...

thanks so much, CJ...i actually LIKE this one, i must say...i usually just let er rip with no concern for whether or not i "like" or "dislike" my stuff...but yeah, i like this one :)

heya Ruela :D

Ruela said...

you are on fire ;)

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