Suddenly late... ...all alone

History books make
life seem so short.
I'm gonna go see some girls///you're so weird..
a blind person can do it,
your hair is really crazy... sure isn't.

Not gonna now...

Is the hand smothered in your skin.
put it in the can,
seems broken...
no way man...

Pulls him down,
the after math is always hard to deal with
what happens after the dirt crumbles?
you take rotting bones out of caves,
ancient children in the bubbles
in the sky...

Million miles away...
the trails doze off,
and grind away under footsteps.
lend it to me.

AHHH... just say yes...say yes.

Yes you did.
That was it,
goodnight everyone massage,
Jupiter's gas.

splash, what carps in the weird places, where I find it.
Wrestle, round and round.
Get a hold of the right mood.
black inches forward to meet the white.
strange indent for the fork in the road.
smoke and choke, want me to do it?
flavor, slit it, pound it, then try it.
stretch out the corks.

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