holy weak

holy weak

lamenting how long it had taken go
these researchers are far too expensive
oftentimes most people don't keep their word
a single pill victims of injury

and loss but do not know how to say time
could very easily be shortchanged to
start thinking the unthinkable the best
george holliday's home video footage

crucifixion imagery added
until four hours before that is how
top papers covered up at to attack
in class or work at original strength

a cool psammitic splitting thing rifled
relative pawl in an outlined ratchet

i never ever know the right thing to say i
don’t know anything to say i never
know it’s so bad that i don’t even know
the wrong thing to say i can’t think of the

wrong thing and then determine the direct
opposite and then say that so i just
open my mouth and say stuff because i’ve
seen that saying nothing makes people quite

uncomfortable even more so when
speech is expected and the words just fall
out like trash falling off a carelessly
overloaded barge sticky chewed useless

garbage words crap useless not worth repeat
absurd erratically delivered
waste barely adequate unseaworthy
not load bearing thin cracked dribbles to its

ill-prepared rancidity all i can
do is just stare at it and hope no one
notices and try again but it all
just falls out of my mouth like a bite of

a downer-trashed pillhead’s grilled cheese sandwich
drops into his tea-weak coffee in the

majestic diner when he falls asleep
whilst eating a cheap lunch with some spare change

tin plates push the edges together for
breakage pain the frames run faster chase the
lined krakatoa cannon mount our saint
lady helen of the jagged fire
ceiling comes to my chest why would any
fools to go up over the bend to be
drilled all full of holes a taking the lead
rubble astrally projected down to
the buried last lost seconds nowhere now
to run but gray huddled himalayan
winter's charred grin advances remorseless
consume your fuel scatter your bones wasted

hemmed in by planet-loads of age old schist
tides wash the shores blood for the moon's cold lungs.

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